Leora Beach - Luxury Beachfront Appartments

An exciting range of cuisine from simple local dishes to exclusive a la carte dinning.

Vanilla Bean: 483 5392

Vanilla Bean serves great food under the trees and in an outdoor environment and serves incredible quality food for lunches. Great for adults and kids alike. A real treat not to miss... (8am - 4pm).

Junction Café: 483 6634

Junction café is a great coffee shop with the advantage of having a beauty salon right next door... Donʼt miss the great coffee, salads, chicken wrap and fridge cheese cake! (9am - 4pm)

Big Williʼs: 483 7400 (will deliver to apartments)

Big Williʼs is a restaurant / bar at the entrance of Tamarin, not far from Kaddy Plus supermarket. Expect live sports games / giant screens and good old fashioned draught beer. the atmosphere gets lively on Fridays and Saturdays with parties going late into the night!

La Madrague: 404 0150

On the end of the magical Tamarin Beach once famous for its mythical left hand wave, La Madrague is a upmarket restaurant overlooking the ocean. You may enjoy space, and lounging around the pool while the kids play.

"Le Dix-neuf": 404 0150

Situated at the Tamarina Golf Club, "Le 19" is amazing for lunches and especially breakfasts. Overlooking the greens and Tamarin Mountain, you are sure not to be disappointed with the experience.

Les Sirandanes: 772 9303

Facing the setting sun, Les Sirandanes is situated at La Preneuse Beach, within the premises of the Bay Restaurant. Amazing Sunsets, great breakfasts and meals throughout the day, the special touch is the local ambience and beachfront setting which makes for a romantic dinner for two!

La Marée Haute: 483 6513

On the shores of Tamarin Bay, within the "vibey" and colorful Tamarin hotel, La Marée Haute is a restaurant where guests may enjoy a barefoot seafood experience, and have the convenience of live jazz on Thursday evenings, a good local vibe at the bay and the sound of waves nearby.
Local Tip - Bring your drinks on the Tamarin Beach to watch the sunset, then make it over to the restaurant later, once its starts getting dark, to continue the evening!

Le Cabanon Creole: 483 7353

On main road towardʼs black river, you will see a signpost on the road...Great local fare, prices are pretty steep for some dishes but the meals are excellent quality and the portions are fresh and tasty! Bon Appetit!

La Bonne Chute: 483 6552

An old favorite, La Bonne Chute is within walking distance from Leora and is a great drinking hole for regulars and a good number of expatriate residents.

Le Kiosk: 483 7004

Le Kiosk is within the Ruisseau Creole centre and offers great outdoor lunches and dinners in a cosmopolitain atmosphere of tourists, locals and business people. The burger + chips is a killer not to miss.

Zucca: 483 7005

Upmarket restaurant for all occasions. Expect great service and even better meals. The restaurant is located in Ruisseau Creole.

Pizzadelic: 483 7003

In Ruisseau Creole, Pizzadelic is great for Pizzaʼs closer to Black River. Pizzadelic is a sure bet for good quality pizzaʼs. Phone to order and pick up Pizzaʼs for takeaway as the restaurant seating area itself is not great.

Cosa Nostra: 483 6169

Renowned for the best Pizzaʼs in Tamarin. Donʼt be in a rush the service is pretty slow, so make sure you order before the dinner rush.... Also Pizzaʼs are best, try the vegetarian pizza with extra spicy meat ;-)

BaliKopy: 483 8252

Bali style ambience, thatch kiosks, a pool and great Mojitos, this is a real Zen bar / restaurant which is a favorite for travelers and locals alike. Wednesday is buffet night so book early to get a kiosk. Free wi-fi internet at the bar!

The Deck: 483 5179

The deck is a stylish new restaurant in Ruisseau Creole serving elegant dishes, and is reputed for good service for a more formal type dinner or lunch.

Domaine Anna: 453 9650

Domaine Anna is a favorite for locals and travelers alike. One of the only restaurants to have such a great reputation for events and great family meals.