Leora Beach - Luxury Beachfront Appartments

Nestled in the heart of the Westʼs most cosmopolitan neighborhood.

Tamarin / Black River

Leora, located on the Islandʼs warm west coast, is at equal distance between Le Morne and Flic en Flac. This once sleepy neighborhood, known for its beautiful salt pans, wide open areas and picturesque mountain ranges is slowly being transformed as the "place to be" in Mauritius with the steady influx of foreign residents and upmarket Mauritian families making it their home.

The main places of interest span from Tamarina Golf Course all the way down to La Balise Marina with lots to offer. Predominantly residential, this neighborhood has only three small hotels but a wide range of quality shops and restaurants.

Leora is just over an hours drive from the SSR airport, 20 minutes drive to Le Morne Beach, 20 minutes drive to Flic en Flac and fifty minutes drive to Port Louis, the capital city.


  • Leaving the SSR airport, engage the highway in the direction of Port Louis.
  • You will count 7 roundabouts on arriving at the Curepipe Round About, and carry on in the Direction of Port Louis.
  • 5 roundabouts later (with the IVTB on your left and the Phoenx Beer facrory on your right) turn left towards Vacoas, and Curepipe.
  • On the next roundabout turn right towards Jumbo Phoenix Shopping Centre.
  • Drive past Macdonalds on your left until the Junction then turn right...
  • Drive down all the way until the next Junction (La Louise), then turn left towards Flic en Flac, West.
  • Drive straight down Palma road until the next round about and Turn Right, to Flic en Flac.
  • You will now soon be seeing the ocean. At the bottom of the descent, facing the KFC turn left at the traffic lights towards black River, Tamarin.
  • Drive straight ahead, through the next intersection traffic lights.
  • At the next round about, just after Tamarina Gold & Spa, turn Right towards Black River. (You will see a Leora sign to the right of all the others)
  • At the Roundabout, set your kilometers to Zero, and travel 5.8km, or until you see the illuminated LEORA BEACHFRONT APARTMENTS sign on your right hand side... It is opposite the entrance to the "Domaine Mon Calme"